Distribution Transformers

Collection of data from meters installed on DTRs gives scope to conduct energy audit and accounting. Largely helps in containing the theft and enabling decisions to contain AT&C losses


The solution methodology is similar to solution deployed for HT/LT consumers consisting of intelligent modem deployed on each of the DTR meters and transfer of data at predefined intervals over GPRS to central server.

Design involves Intelligent Modem and meter. The modem polls and read the data through optical port of the meter as configured. The configuration of the modem can be done through BCS installed at server end. The meter data is collected and stored on the nonvolatile memory of the modem and will be transferred at a predefined interval to central server over GPRS.

Solution Architecture - Using GPRS Technology


At Base Control Software (BCS) end:

Design considers application servers, Data Base Servers and web server as necessary ( DB servers on hot swap mode providing complete redundancy) depending on the specification. Also the registration PC's as required depending on the number of customers for initial registration of remote meters.


  • Monitoring of Load and distribution
  • Effective monitoring of DTR's
  • Effective load management and supply of quality power
  • Enables Energy Audit and Accounting
  • Identification and enabling mechanism for reduction in AT&C losses

Case Studies