Enabling energy accounting and reduction in AT&C losses


Linkwell offers solutions in the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) or Meter Data Acquisition (MDA) domain taking into account large variety and complexity of energy meters deployed by the utilities.

There is intense debate over choice of wireless technologies to meter reading methodologies by various stakeholders each advancing their concepts and solutions. In many instances these leave much to be desired because of following reasons:

  • Downplaying the role and criticality of AMR in the overall context of AMI.
  • Lack of appreciation that each utility or customer has specific customisation needs.
  • Lack of availabilty universal standards implementation for meter reading. Many meter manufacturers still follow some degree of proprietary protocols for reading meter data.
  • Lack of clarity from the executives and staff of utilities in this domain leading to overemphasis on unnecessary or less used data, data transfer schedules and confusing it with meter reading,multiple layers of interaction etc.

Linkwell with its experience in working with several utilities in India for the last six years has understood the nuances of this domain well in addressing the above issues to the satisfaction of the customers.

Our solution offering is for undertaking turnkey AMR projects spanning the entire Distribution segment of the Energy Value chain.

Typical architecture for GPRS based solution

MDA Architecture

Solution Models

  • For HT and LT High Value Consumers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Sub-station Feeder Monitoring
  • Integrated solution for all the above


  • Flexibility in reading different types and makes of meters.
  • 'Push' mode design for transferring data from multiple locations in the given time window using GPRS/CDMA technologies.
  • In-bound dialing from remote locations standard mode of data transfer. Out-bound dialing from server side is optional.
  • All key energy parameters are captured at designated intervals for energy consumption monitoring, accounting, billing and for generating MIS reports.
  • Over the Air (OTA) feature for remote loading or upgrading the firmware in the firld modems.
  • User-friendly Base Control Software for regular operations control and usage.
  • Completely automated solution without any manual intervention.
  • Feature rich software and robustly designed architecture and database for large number of remote locations (say 50,000 and above).



  • Fully automated turnkey solution
  • flexiblity to incorporate any make meter and adopt for new protocols.
  • scalability to handle any number of remote locations.
  • Data transfer integrity and load tested for receiving data from multiple locations.
  • Easy maintenance of firmware in remote modems through OTA feature. All schedules and other settings can be done remotely. No need to visit field locations.
  • Secured mode of data transfer.
  • Provides regional and network heirarchy.
  • Reduction of AT&C losses due to efficient energy accounting, energy audit enabled by AMR.
  • Reduction in recurring expenditure of manpower on field visits and re-deploying them for other productive work.