Meter Data Acquisition & Management Software

VISIONTEK 15A, a menu driven Software used by the utilities for reading remote HT, DTR and Substation meters.


VISIONTEK 15A, a menu driven Meter Data Acquisition & Management Software (MDAM) to be used by the utilities for read remote HT, DTR and Substation meters. It is built around security features required in a Networked Environment.

MDAM software can be configured to read a remotely placed GPRS modem as well as meter. The user can navigate thru various functions of the software like Reports, Data import/export, Event/Tamper monitoring, Configurations etc.

MDA Architecture

Salient Features

  1. Flexible in design to accommodate any meter make -- Protocols/memory maps of new meter makes are required for this.
  2. Has Registration, scheduling, inbound and outbound dialing features
    1. Registration: Required when new modem or meter is being installed. This registers both modem and meter locations along with customer/feeder/DTR details in the data base.
    2. Scheduling: Provision to configure data transfer intervals from the remote modem -- Daily, weekly and monthly schedules are available.
    3. Inbound dialling: This is the standard mode of data transfer where the remote modem dials into the server or pushes data into the GPRS cloud at the scheduled time.
    4. Support for outbound dialling: Data from a specific location can be requested from the Central or Application server on need basis. This is generally resorted to when the operator finds some misses after observing the daily/weekly schedule.
  3. Capture of all baseline data parameters such as instantaneous values, average p.f, Energy Values, abnormal events such as voltages/currents/power missing and restored, modem communication failure, cumulative energy, energy consumption, MD value, etc.
  4. Generation of graphs pertaining to above baseline data.
  5. SMS request to get instantaneous parameters to 5 authorized users - Configurable.
  6. SMS alerts on abnormal events to five authorized personnel on power outage and restoration (increases SMS billing for customer).
  7. Interface options with Optional modules (from third party vendors) such as performance indicators (SAIDI etc), Energy Audit etc for high end MIS.
  8. Customised report generation on baseline data.
  9. Uses GPRS technology for packet data transfer with protocols for data integrity.
  10. Developed on .NET platform & uses RDBMS Database.
  11. Data export in various formats viz. CSV, ASCII etc. are supported.
  12. Supports Over the Air (OTA) feature for upgradaiton of firmware in remote modems.


  • Fully automated turnkey solution
  • flexiblity to incorporate any make meter and adopt for new protocols
  • scalability to handle any number of remote locations
  • Data transfer integrity and load tested for receiving data from multiple locations
  • Easy maintenance of firmware in remote modems through OTA feature. All schedules and other settings can be done remotely. No need to visit field locations
  • Secured mode of data transfer
  • Provides regional and network heirarchy
  • Reduction of AT&C losses due to efficient energy accounting, energy audit enabled by AMR
  • Reduction in recurring expenditure of manpower on field visits and re-deploying them for other productive work

Case Studies