Case Study - MPPKVVCL

Challenge - To install modems on 11598 number of LT High Value customers in 15 circles under the Discoms jurisdiction and commission for automatic data download, Billing and MIS generation for operational and business intelligence, in consortium with A2Z Engineering and Maintenance company ltd. Gurgaon.

Implemented Solution

MPPKVVCL has identified some of the LT consumers based on their contract demand to install Automated Meter Reading using GSM technology for down load of billing data, load survey and other relevant data for billing generation and other MIS reports.

Connecting all the remote consumers over GSM to central sever ensured steady flow of data from all the HT consumers relating to load survey, Maximum Demand, All Phase Currents, Voltage, power factors and Energies.

Deployed Intelligent GPRS enabled modems on each of HT meters which have the meter reading intelligence and communication capabilities, intelligent firmware which can take parameters from central server for configuring meter reading intervals, data transfer schedules and alerting the tamper information on selected mobile numbers. These modems are connected to the remote meters using optical port for data down load for further transfer to central server.

Each of the modem is equipped with CSD (circuit switch data) and SMS enabled SIMs for transfer of data and one Serial interface for configuration of the modem and health check if any on the modem.

As required by the utility design involved distributed data collection which involves reception of data at individual circles. The set up involves one application server with suitable number of modems (max of 8 ) which depend on the number of LT High Value consumers under each of the circles connected to the server using multiplexer. Each modem is dedicated to receive data from remote modems over CSD and data thus received is parsed and stored in the server. Where consumers are more and one application server can't down load all the data while employing all the 8 modems using multiplexer, multiple application servers have been deployed as necessary to receive the data.

Billing values from each of these servers at individual circles are sent over GPRS to the central server billing engine for generation of bills.

Customer Background

Madhya Pradesh Poorv Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Company Limited is a wholly owned Government of Madhya Pradesh Corporations under the Companies Act, 1956 to undertake activities of distribution and retail supply for and on behalf of Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board in the areas covered by the Commissionaires of Jabalpur, Sagar and Rewa.

Poorv Kshetra encompasses an area served by 59,489 kms of HT and 1,02,231 km of LT distribution network.

Key benefits

  • Enabling ontime bill generation
  • Enabling Reduction in Commercial losses.
  • Effective monitoring of consumer load and quality of supply
  • Detection of theft and Tamper

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