Case Study - APCPDCL

Challenge - To install modems on 2300 HT services and 5000+ feeder metering points under 800 substation spread across all 7 circles under the Discoms jurisdiction and commission for automatic data download, Billing, Feeder management and MIS generation for operational and business intelligence.

Implemented Solution

HT consumers End
APCPDCL with its seven circles has identified some of the HT consumers to automise billing, tampers & theft and load monitoring. Majority of the HT consumers are concentrated under Metro circle covering Metro-south, Metro-North, Metro-Central and Medak districts.

Connecting all the remote consumers over GPRS to the designated IP at the central sever ensured steady flow of data from all the HT consumers relating to load survey, Maximum Demand, All Phase Currents, Voltage, power factors and Energies.

Deployed Intelligent GPRS enabled modems on each of HT meters which have the meter reading intelligence and communication capabilities, intelligent firmware which can take parameters from central server for configuring meter reading intervals, data transfer schedules and alerting the tamper information on selected mobile numbers. These modems are connected to the remote meters using optical port for data down load for further transfer to central server. Each of the modem is equipped with GPRS and SMS enabled SIMs for transfer of data and one Serial interface for configuration of the modem and health check if any on the modem.

Intelligent GPRS enabled modems have read the data at predefined intervals and transferred over the IP configured in modem's firmware. The data has been received at the central server end, decrypted and stored in the data base for MIS generation and billing activities.

Sub-Station Data logging

As part of their efforts to automate the feeder monitoring and gathering load profile of each of the feeders Solution involving MIU's (Meter Interface Units) and DCU's (Data Concentrator Units) has been designed for implementation with APCPDCL.

Sub-station shall have both incoming and out-going feeders and have multiple meters to collect data from and transfer to central server. With our innovative technology, the solution has been implemented using RF and GPRS technology on sub-station feeder metering involving Data concentrator units and Meter interface units.

The methodology adopted has done away the need for modems for each of the individual feeder meters. In place of individual modems, Meter Interface units are used to interface with meter for collection of data. These MIU's have RF modules built-in to communication with DCU's. MIU's collect the data at periodic intervals and transfers over RF to DCU. DCU has RF & GPRS modules built in to communicate with MIU over RF on one end and use GPRS for transfer of data to central server on the other end. One DCU can handle a maximum of 8 Meter Interface Units.

The solution adopted has ensured cost effective data transfer by cutting down the deployment of number SIM's per sub-station to one through the deployment of DCU and MIU combinations.

MIU's with internal memory and IO ports installed to monitor feeder interruptions in real time. This has ensured effective monitoring of feeder interruptions as and when they happen and take remedial action.

At central server or data centre end, application servers with load balancers are deployed to manage the incoming traffic from multiple metering points. Individual web server for online viewing of data for select departmental users and Data Base Server with standby DB with hot swap feature for data storage for a period of 3 years is implemented.

Data centre hardware deployed is common for both HT and Sub-station feeder metering.

Customer Background

The Central Power Distribution Company of A.P. Limited, which came into being on 1st April 2000 as a sequel to the A.P. Electricity Reforms Act. 1998, with an objective of electricity to the people at an affordable price.

With its headquarters at Hyderabad, the APCPDCL encompasses an area of seven districts viz., Anantapur, Kurnool, Mahaboobnagar, Nalgonda, Medak and Rangareddy, Catering to the power requirements of 57.4 million consumers.

APCPDCL has a vast infrastructure facility in its operating area with 972 Nos. of 33/11 KV substations, 1,459 Nos. of power transformers, 522 Nos. of 33 KV feeders, 3,676 Nos. of 11 KV feeders and around 1,60,983 Nos. of distribution transformers of various capacities.

Key benefits

  • Reduction in Technical & commercial losses.
  • Elimination of Manual billing
  • Energy Audit
  • Tamper and Theft detection
  • Effective feeder management
  • Enabling Energy audit

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